Bleach is not your go to anti bacterial carpet cleaner.

There are many reasons for you to choose to apply an anti bacterial carpet cleaner on your carpet. The most common reason pet stains carpet cleaning needs. It could mean urine, diarrhea, throw up and sometimes even blood. The bacteria grows on the fibers of your carpet. However, much worse is the bacteria growing on your pad. Normally the bacteria will use any left over residue to multiply and grow a successful colony. Therefore, you need to find an immediate solution and a pet stain removal carpet cleaner. Nevertheless, treating you carpet with the correct anti bacterial carpet cleaner does not guarantee great results. You will have to make sure that all the excess residue is fully removed from the carpet. But keep in mind, DO NOT USE BLEACH ON YOUR CARPET.

Anti bacterial carpet cleaner should not bleach your carpet.

In case you are really lost with the amount of pet stain on your carpet, then you can use bleach. The bleach will definitely act as an anti bacterial carpet cleaner. However, the bleach will add bleach spots on your carpet. Therefore, if you are not interested in having sore to the eye bleach spots all over your house, avoid bleach at all cost. Once you have bleached your carpet it is extremely tough to dye the carpet evenly and very costly.


Therefore, we have an amazing product called an enzyme that would simply work magic. It will remove the bacteria and help your get rid of the pet stain. Nevertheless, you will have to blot and extract the anti bacterial carpet cleaner from the carpet and pad. Otherwise, with time, the anti bacterial carpet cleaner itself will also turn into residue on your carpet and allow more bacteria to grow.

Enzyme is the best anti bacterial carpet cleaner.

Many over the counter products you will find in the near grocery store does not really contain the enzyme. In addition, it is high diluted in order to make the product cheaper. The enzyme is an expensive anti bacterial carpet cleaner. Therefore, the common products are not the proper solution.Please contact us for more information about our go to anti bacterial carpet cleaning agents.