Need Carpet Cleaning Dana Point For Your Home Or Vacation Rental?

We, Dr. Carpet Irvine, have served Dana Point for all of our carpet cleaning services for years. Carpet cleaning Dana Point is a service that some of our customers request up to once a month. You may ask, why would a carpet cleaning service be needed once a month? Well, we work with many property management companies around Orange County and Dana Point in particular. Moreover, we work regularly on some of the vacation rental homes very often in the summer days. Many of the renters of the homes have parties and leave a dirty carpet behind. Therefore, we must attend the property at a specific time to get the house ready for the next renter. However, we pride ourselves for being very punctual and have high level customer service.

What Type Of Carpet Cleaning Dana Point Is most requested? 

carpet cleaning dana pointWe had found that build up dirt and oils are usually the main issue we face around Dana Point’s carpet cleaning calls. Mostly we see renters coming back from the beach, or walking in from the neighborhood pool while they’re still wet. First, walking in on the carpet with wet feet would make the carpet more prone to absorb dirt. Therefore, you can see black spots starting to appear on the carpet. In addition, after a long tiring day at the pool or at the beach, people have the tendency to nap on the sofa. In that case we provide our top of the line upholstery cleaning in Dana Point.

More than just carpet cleaning Dana Point.

Our carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning products are green carpet cleaning solutions. We care about your health and for that reason keep a high standard for our carpet cleaning products and procedure.Contact us to book a same day carpet cleaning Dana Point. In addition, we offer upholstery cleaning in Dana Point and area rug cleaning as well.