Same Day Carpet Cleaning Santa Ana in Orange County.

We offer every day carpet cleaning Santa Ana services in the surrounding areas as well. If you have a pet in the house, or got a surprise call for a visit, call us. We understand the immediate need you have for a variety of reason for same day carpet cleaning in Santa Ana. We offer green carpet cleaning solutions for the safety of you and your family. Also, our carpet cleaning process is safe for you pets. Over the years we have developed a 5 step carpet cleaning method that would provide best results. There are numerous factors around the house that cause more dirt and dust spreading around. Therefore, in order to fully clean you home you should consider the following Santa Ana carpet cleaning services.carpet cleaning santa anaCarpet Cleaning Santa AnaUpholstery Cleaning Santa AnaAir Duct Cleaning Santa AnaTile Cleaning Santa AnaMattress Cleaning Santa AnaArea Rug Cleaning Santa AnaDryer Vent Cleaning Santa Ana

Upholstery Cleaning Santa Ana

Upholstery cleaning Santa Ana is yet another one of our most demanded service, and for a good reason. When you try to freshen up your home and perhaps avoid allergies, carpet cleaning alone is not enough. You upholstery has a higher tendency to attract and absorb dust, while we leave our sweat and moisture on. Together they form dark spots on the sofa that often have bad odors and a sticky feeling. Therefore, when you feel that your sofa or couch has reached that point schedule you next upholstery cleaning service Moreover, we offer same day upholstery cleaning Santa Ana for your convenience. We use green carpet cleaning and green upholstery cleaning special products.Air Duct Cleaning Santa Ana and Dryer Vent Cleaning Santa Ana.In addition to carpet cleaning Santa Ana and upholstery cleaning, when it comes to clean up your place, consider air duct cleaning. Air duct cleaning using the main return circulates the air in your home. Therefore, if you have dust in the air duct vents you will experience worst quality of air. Also, yet another service that we offer is dryer vent cleaning in Santa Ana. When your dryer vent gets clogged it could catch on fire. So, make sure you stay safe and clear up your dryer vent every now and then.  Please contact us for more information about carpet cleaning Santa Ana services.

Tile Cleaning Santa Ana.

Santa Ana is known to have many houses that have tile floors instead of carpet. Probably the hot weather in Santa Ana is what causes most of you decide to switch the wall to wall carpet with tile flooring. Tile flooring will cool off your home in the hot summer days. However, tile floors are much harder to deep clean rather than carpet. Therefore, tile cleaning is a sought after service. We get on our knees to scrub the grout lines and bring back the shine to your tile floors.Contact Dr. Carpet Irvine for more information about our carpet cleaning Santa Ana Service. Or, for emergency service contact Dr. Carpet Santa Ana.