Dr. Carpet Irvine is offering carpet cleaning service in Irvine since 2007.

Since Dr. Carpet Irvine was formed in the year 2007 we have proudly served carpet cleaning service in Irvine every day since. After years of residing in Irvine and going to schools in Irvine, we finally started our own carpet cleaning business in Irvine. As you can probably imagine we take our job with the highest care and attention to details. Moreover, many of our customers are neighbors and friends. However, we treat everyone like family, including the new customers we do not know yet.So, what is it really that makes our carpet cleaning service in Irvine the right fit for you? Well, set aside the personal touch that we bring and the warm customers service, we are truly professionals. We strive every day to improve and grow our knowledge of what it takes to clean your carpet in the best way. We use the best carpet cleaning products in the industry. In addition, we put an emphasis on the tools and the equipment we use. It truly makes a difference in the level of heat and suction and the final results.Nevertheless, what we really believe that makes the difference in experience and attention to details. Many of the stain on your carpet are existing everywhere. Mostly you will have heavy foot traffic that turned black, or yellow pee stains from a dog. However, when it comes to food stains, coffee stains and wine stains, the task is not so simple. It is vital to use the right approach and the correct carpet cleaning product for the job. Otherwise you many end up blocking the stain on your carpet.

Our carpet cleaning service in Irvine – going into details.

We can break down our carpet cleaning process into a few simple steps. The core value of a great carpet cleaning job is the attention to details. Therefore, upon arrival, before we start the work, we go through all the areas marked for carpet cleaning and examine them into details. Then we apply the proper carpet cleaning products and solvents with mild agitation to help them sink in.Now that all troubled areas are treated, its time to start with our carpet cleaning process. First, we must shampoo the entire house in order to freshen up dust and dirt that sit on the surface. Then, we use our strong truck mounted carpet cleaning machine to steam and extract everything out. Strong suction is a vital aspect of a great carpet cleaning job. Last but not least, in case its necessary we will repeat those steps in order to reach maximum desired results.

Why Should You Get Carpet Cleaning Periodically?

You have a household, either full of people, or just yourself living there. you go to work, you go to the gym, that means you track new dirt and germs on your carpet. Some you wear your shoes when you walk into the house. However, many of you do not wear shoes on the carpet. Either way, both practices demand carpet cleaning periodically, and the best way to do it is steam carpet cleaning.

Carpet Cleaning & More.

Lets start with the first case and explain the need for carpet cleaning, wearing shoes in the house. We, Dr. Carpet Irvine, believe that not much explanation is needed on this case. When you wear your shoes in public places, in particular public restrooms, you track in the germs. Our home is our sacred place and our goal is to keep a clean environment. However, when we track in dirt and germs from the street, our home loses its comfort. We can no longer feel comfortable walking, sitting and lying on the carpet. Therefore, contact an Orange County Carpet Cleaning service company is advised in order to earn that back.

You Do not Wear Shoes In The House? You Still Need A Periodical Carpet Cleaning!

Moreover, many of you understand the need for keeping our homes and carpet cleaned. Therefore, when you walk into your home it is customary for you and your guests to remove the shoes. This is a blessed idea, however, it does not mean you can dodge your floor cleaning. Our feet generate constant natural oils, some of you generate more than others. In this case, your carpet becomes a constant wiper of the oils of your feet. For that reason, without scheduling a periodical carpet cleaning from a reputable Orange County carpet cleaning company, you traffic stains. The foot traffic stains on your carpet evolve with time and accumulate from the combination of moisture and dust. Our carpet absorbs the oils from our feet, and the dust sink on it and settle. Moreover, when you keep stepping on carpet, you add more oils, and push the new stain deep down.

Dr. Carpet Irvine – Carpet Care Experts

Therefore, Dr. Carpet Irvine is here to help. We want to offer our periodical green carpet cleaning so you can enjoy your carpet again. We offer a variety of  solvents to carefully and safely provide you with the best experience.

Carpet Cleaning Service Pricing & Specs

All of our carpet cleaning prices are following industry standards, and are bound to change from time to time based on costs.
  • 1 area of carpet cleaning = up to 120 sqaure feet.
  • Stairs are NOT considered an area and are NOT exchangeable with an area.
  • Basic carpet cleaning includes steam and shampoo ONLY. Specials spotting and treatments available for additional charge.
  • Foot traffic stains, black stains & food and drinks stains price from $35/area.
  • Pet Stains & Bodily feces stains price from $45/area.
  • All coupons are cash prices only.
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