Dr. Carpet is a proud carpet cleaning Orange County service provider.

Although we are the Irvine carpet cleaning provider of Dr. Carpet, it is important to keep in mind that we do service Orange County in all carpet cleaning services every day. Dr. Carpet Irvine is the second largest branch of Dr. Carpet and we make sure that together we got you covered. Over the years we have grown our customer base and the services we provide in order to adjust to the current market demand. Here you can find out more details about our carpet cleaning Orange County services provided by Dr. Carpet:Carpet Cleaning Orange CountyUpholstery Cleaning Orange CountyAir Duct Cleaning Orange CountyDryer Vent Cleaning Orange CountyTile Cleaning Orange CountyArea Rug Cleaning Orange CountyCarpet Installation Orange CountyCommercial Carpet Cleaning Orange CountyMattress Cleaning Orange County

carpet cleaning orange countyWe Offer Same Day Service For Carpet Cleaning Orange County.

Carpet cleaning Orange County is a service at high demand. Many of the residential homes in Orange County are of Older age and some are rental apartments. Moreover, Orange County has many commercial buildings in a need for commercial carpet cleaning. Therefore, we offer same day carpet cleaning service in Orange County in order to serve you better. Many of you have different needs based on work schedule and family time. We, Dr. Carpet Irvine, would like to offer you our top rated deep carpet cleaning service. Using green carpet cleaning products for the safety of your family and pets. In addition to carpet cleaning we also offer upholstery cleaning in Orange County and air duct cleaning in Orange County.

Upholstery Cleaning Orange County.

Upholstery cleaning Orange County is yet another one of our most demanded services, and for a good reason. When you try to freshen up your home and perhaps avoid allergies, carpet cleaning alone is not enough. Your upholstery has a higher tendency to attract and absorb dust, while we leave our sweat and moisture on. Together they form dark spots on the sofa that often have bad odors and a sticky feeling. Therefore, when you feel that your sofa or couch has reached that point – schedule you next upholstery cleaning in Orange County. Moreover, we offer same day upholstery cleaning in Orange County for your convenience. We use green carpet cleaning and green upholstery cleaning special products.Air Duct Cleaning Orange County and Dryer Vent Cleaning Orange County.In addition to carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning, when it comes to clean up your place, consider air duct cleaning. Air duct cleaning using the main return circulates the air in your home. Therefore, if you have dust in the air duct vents you will experience worst quality of air. Also, yet another service that we offer is dryer vent cleaning in Orange County. When your dryer vent gets clogged it could catch on fire. So, make sure you stay safe and clear up your dryer vent every now and then.

Mattress Cleaning in Orange County

In addition to our major carpet cleaning Orange County services, we also offer supplemental services. Mattress cleaning in Orange County is also a service at a high demand. Whether you have spilled a drink on you bed, or one of your kids or pets have peed on it. You will need to get deep cleaning on your mattress. In addition, we offer green mattress cleaning products for your safety and comfort. For more information about local mattress cleaning in Orange County, please contact us.

Tile & Grout Cleaning in Orange County.

We also offer a tile and grout cleaning in Orange County. You may not need to get your tile cleaning as often as carpet cleaning. However, it is recommended to steam your tile and grout every couple of years. Moreover, your grout absorbs the stains and with time it becomes very difficult to remove and clean. Therefore, a periodical grout sealing is also a must at every home. For more information about tile cleaning in Orange County, contact us.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Orange County.

our commercial carpet cleaning packages are the best solution for you to maintain a clean environment around the office. Commercial carpet cleaning Orange County is a high demand service due to the many commercial buildings and offices around. In case you have a high traffic area in the office, it is recommended to get carpet cleaning at least 3 times a year. For more information about commercial carpet cleaning Orange County and scheduling please contact us.

Carpet Cleaning Orange County Warning.

Please do not attempt to do any of the cleaning by yourself. First, there is a high risk of injury. Also, Using the wrong equipment and carpet cleaning products could harm you and your home. Contact us for more information about same day carpet cleaning Orange County services. We attempt to offer our carpet cleaning services within 2 hour from scheduling.Please visit our Orange County carpet cleaning page:Dr. CarpetHttp://drcarpetoc.com72 San Raphael, Dana Point, CA 92629