Professional Pressure Washing.

Our top of the line equipment allows us to provide you with the best and deepest carpet cleaning experience. In addition, we also utilize our equipment to offer tile floor restoration, upholstery cleaning etc. However, when we utilize our equipment for pressure washing jobs, the results are impacable. We have years of experience with all the right equipment for any job. We can do commercial pressure washing for malls and parking lots, while also for your home. Residential pressure washing has great benefits for the overall health of your home. Much less build up junk on the roof and gutters.

Pressure washing a driveway.

residential pressure washing has mostly very specific needs. It could be the curb outside you, maybe sitting under a tree that leaves marks. Also, it could be a garage or driveway the has grease marks all around it. Therefore, in order to remove it you will need professional equipement and knowledge to remove the stubbornoil and grease stains.In addition, we have many customers that are interested in clearing the room from different pile ups of leafs and dirs. Especially homes surrounded by trees need constant attention for the roof and gutters in order to avoid any holes, damage and leaks. So, id you also want to clean the outside of your home, contact us for a professional pressure washing service.

Commercial pressure washing.

Most of our commercial pressure washing jobs are done at night. We typically work on malls and different public areas that area heavily used throughout the day. When the cleaning would interrupt the daily routine, it is needed to work on over night. In addition, it is important to have the knowledge and ability to complete jobs over night for a large space.For more information about our pressure washing service, please contact Dr. Carpet Irvine. We offer pressure washing in Orange County, California, while also we work in Los Angeles for many over night jobs.