Air Duct Cleaning Combined with Carpet Cleaning Is The Best Allergy Fighting Compound.

Duct particles linger in the air all the time. You must have noticed, every time you clean a surface, within an hour it will have dust settled. The Same thing happens with our carpet, floors, and eventually with our air ducts. Thus we need periodical air duct cleaning. We are sure many of you suffer from bad allergies. However, you have probably noticed that in particular around the time the seasons are changing. Now you are asking, so true, so why is it so?Well, usually around the season changing time of the year we tend to start using our A/C or furnace again. The main return is the section of the air duct unit that sucks in the air from the living space for circulation. Therefore, in case our living space is not up-kept to a neat condition, the main return will suck in dust.

What Causes Dust In The Air Duct Vents?

Moreover, what can we immediately learn from that? In case you have a carpet in your home, carpet cleaning would be a must at least once a year. You can call Dr. Carpet Irvine, and we will perform deep carpet cleaning. In addition, we can help you remove all dust that has settled on your upholsteryUpholstery cleaning is also a major cause for dust around the house.

More Than Just Air Duct Cleaning.

Dr. Carpet Irvine is the top carpet cleaning service in Orange County. Our Orange County air duct department uses a toothbrush to get the most dust and dirt out of your air ducts vents. If you want this season to avoid major allergy attacks it is time to pick up your phone and contact Dr. Carpet Irvine.We provide air duct cleaning orange countycarpet cleaning irvinecarpet cleaning mission viejocarpet cleaning laguna niguelcarpet cleaning newport beach and more.