carpet cleaning foothill ranchSame Day Carpet Cleaning Foothill Ranch.

Normally when you are looking for a carpet cleaning Foothill Ranch service, you need it within the next day. We understand that you are busy with your work and you family. In addition, we know that finding time for errands is not easy for you. Therefore, we built a team to provide same day carpet cleaning Foothill Ranch service and the surrounding areas. Foothill Ranch, California is a growing town right next to the major Foothill Ranch of Irvine and Lake Forest. We, Dr. Carpet Irvine, have a designated location in Irvine. Therefore, we are able to serve our local community on same day notice.

More Than Just Carpet Cleaning Foothill Ranch.

In addition to carpet cleaning Foothill Ranch, we also serve all other major services of a carpet cleaning company. Same day upholstery cleaning and same day air duct cleaning. Both are served in Foothill Ranch and surrounding areas. Upholstery cleaning and air duct cleaning are a great solution for you who suffer from allergies. The main return of the A/C system sucks the air from our main space in the house. Therefore, doing a carpet cleaning alone, or air duct cleaning alone would not thoroughly solve the problem.In addition, our upholstery, the sofa and couch, also are a sitting furniture in the house that is used often. The combination of some humidity and dust would hold the dust onto the upholstery fibers. Therefore, the upholstery would get dark spots, and feel sticky when we sit on it. In addition, the upholstery would generate a could of dust as we leave our weight to fall on it. That would cause allergies to exist in the room and every time we sit on the upholstery.


Please do not attempt to clean the stains yourself without a professional knowledge. You could bleach some of the stains and create irreversible damage to the carpet and upholstery. Contact us for more information about carpet cleaning Foothill Ranch and availability.