Why Do We Need Mattress Cleaning?

First, let us ask you a question, do you have a mattress cover on all the time? In case you do not have one, its a great idea to start using a mattress cover. We understand that mattress covers are not so comfortable. However, using a mattress cover will eliminate most chances for you to need a mattress cleaning.Living in Irvine, CA, or any hot weather area, we experience often sweat in our sleep. Moreover, sometimes we could have our kids lay in our bed, and they may let loose of some urine in their sleep. In addition, how many of you have decided to bring coffee to bed and maybe with it some cookies? All the fluids we have just described could be a major cause for bed bugs to appear all of a sudden.

How Does Mattress Cleaning Help ?

Unlike carpet cleaning, mattress cleaning is a much tougher cookie to bite on. Due to the fact that our mattresses have a thickness of minimum 10 inches. Therefore, reaching deep into the mattress in case its contaminated with bed bugs makes it much tougher. Also, you will find a similar issue with some upholstery cleaning cases.

So now you may ask, how do you, Green Carpet Cleaning Orange County, approach mattress cleaning?

Well, that would be a great questions to ask us. First, we must use the best and top rated mattress cleaning products. We must use the correct products for two big reasons.
  1. We understand the need to penetrate as deep as possible into the mattress in order to provide you with the required results.
  2. Leaving your mattress feeling soft and comfortable is a must. We simply can not leave any residue on it due to the high potency that is required.
Therefore, contact us for any inconvenience with your mattress. If you get any allergies sleeping at night, or wake up with bed bug bites, call us. We will schedule same day mattress cleaning service for you so you could sleep tight again.We offer daily mattress cleaning service in Irvine, mattress cleaning service in Mission Viejo. In addition, same day mattresses cleaning service In Newport Beach and all surrounding areas.Please contact Dr. Carpet Irvine for more information about same day mattress cleaning service.