Same Day Carpet Cleaning East Irvine.

The East Irvine of Irvine is our number one carpet cleaning East Irvine destination around Orange County California. However, due to the size of Irvine, we have dedicated crews for North Irvine and East Irvine in particular. In addition, we offer same day carpet cleaning East Irvine with all of the benefit of our company. We use our 5 step carpet cleaning system that ensures you carpet is as clean as it could be. Also, we use green carpet cleaning products to make sure your health is safe. in addition, our top of the line equipment and green carpet cleaning products leave no residue. We also offer same day upholstery cleaning and air duct cleaning in East Irvine. Please contact us for more carpet cleaning East Irvine information and same day scheduling.

More Than Carpet Cleaning East Irvine.

Upholstery Cleaning East Irvine.

When you decide it is time to get the house cleaned, carpet cleaning East Irvine alone will not complete the deal. Upholstery cleaning is also a major factor in the general sense of a clean house. Our sofa and couch get used daily and have dust built up on them. In addition, sitting and napping on our upholstery will get the upholstery to absorb moisture. Therefore, we, Dr Carpet Irvine, recommend a deep upholstery cleaning. Moreover, we advise to use the best products for the upholstery cleaning. Please make sure to use biodegradable products that would leave no itchy residue on the upholstery.

Air Duct Cleaning East Irvine.

If you suffer from allergies around the house, it is time for you to check your air duct system. The main return that sucks the air from the house could be a major cause for dust flying in the air. Therefore, we offer air duct cleaning for your customers in East Irvine and surrounding areas. Please contact us for more information about carpet cleaning East Irvine. Also, upholstery cleaning in East Irvine and air duct cleaning in East Irvine.