Now You Can Buy Dr. Carpet Pet Stain Removal Formula Online.

The moment everyone was waiting for is here! Now you can buy our infamous pet stain & odor remover online. Over the years many of you have had the chance to experience our supercharged pet stain remover. With so many home that have pets as part of the family, a truly strong pet stain remover is on high demand.  Serving many of you for well over a decade has really helped us learn a lot about your true needs when it comes to removing pet stains and pet odor from your carpet or couch.Therefore, we have worked hard at finding the best combination of ingredients to offer you a longer lasting and deeper cleaning approach pet stain remover product. It is called Dr. Carpet Pet Stain Removal Formula, just so there are no confusions when you are looking for it.

Anti Microbial Pet Stain & Odor Remover.

When we worked on the perfect product to fight pet stains and pet odor we knew that dissolving the stain from the source is the key. Therefore, we composed a product the dissolves the bad odor molecules from the source. Once you apply Dr. Carpet Pet Stain Removal Formula on a pet stain, or even blood stains, you will see the stains dissolve right in front of your eyes.Of course it is important to note yet again, Dr. Carpet Pet Stain Removal Formula is a professional grade pet stain & Odor remover. Therefore, using with extreme caution is high advised. In addition, the use of protective gear (ie gloves, face mask etc) is also advised. All you have to do is apply Dr. Carpet Pet Stain Removal Formula and let it do the work. After 30 minutes- 1 hour you can gently wipe off the area with a wet cloth and vacuum the excess residue from the stain. If necessary you can repeat the cleaning once again.

Less Residue Pet Stain & Odor Remover.

Since we have started over 13 years ago, we knew the one of the biggest issues of pet stain remover products is the high residue. Due to the sever smell, many of you are using large amounts of an over the counter product in order to make up for the bad odor. In addition, most over the counter products are soap based. Therefore, they create and generate too much residue in your carpet. That ultimately leads to blacker and deeper stains, and even worse stench.One of the first things you will notice about Dr. Carpet Pet Stain Removal Formula is the low levels of residue it leaves on your carpet.

Extra Strength For Cat Urine & Cat Throw Up.

As most cat owners already know, cat urine and cat feces in general are more potent than the dog. Therefore, trying to eliminate cat urine stains and cat throw up is very difficult, even for professionals. Dr. Carpet Pet Stain Removal Formula comes in a super charged formula that is geared to fight the toughest pet stains and pet odor. So for all cat owners out there, we encourage you to try Dr. Carpet Pet Stain Removal Formula in order to take control again over the cleanliness of your home.For more information about Dr. Carpet Pet Stain Removal Formula, please contact Dr. Carpet Irvine directly.