Should You Use Carpet Cleaning Products For Spot Removal On Your Carpet?

We can break down the carpet cleaning products into two categories in order to simplify our answer.First, you can use carpet cleaning spot removal products for food, drinks, black spots and foot traffic.In addition, many people use over the counter pet stain removal carpet cleaning products. That is in order to keep up with the daily accidents pets leave behind. Here we will take each carpet cleaning solution and elaborate about it. Thus you can have a better idea of how to properly treat your carpet and which product to use.Before we go in details about the different carpet cleaning products, we must have a better idea of how carpet cleaning really works.Of course the main idea of using carpet cleaning spotters is to eliminate stains. However, did you ever think about what happens to the product and stain? Does it simply disappear? And if the product stays in the carpet, where does it go? Also, is having carpet cleaning product residue in your carpet harmful at all?

Carpet Cleaning Spot Removers For Black Stains, Spills etc.

The first type of stains that you typically would have on your carpet are black stains. Black stains are typically oil based, and together with dust and dirt combine to be a black stain. Therefore, many time while removing the black stain, you can find another stain underneath.Therefore, treating these type of stains would demand special carpet cleaning products that can remove the grease, dust and dirt off the carpet, without hurting the carpet itself. In addition, you would have to carefully extract the residue the product would leave in your carpet. Otherwise, you will discover several days later that the product will resurface on the carpet as a larger and deeper stain.

Carpet Cleaning Pet Stains Using Pet Stain Removals.

In a similar fashion to dark stains, most pet stain removals consist of soapy agents that leave high levels of residue in your carpet. Therefore it allows the bacteria from the pet stain to grow faster on this residue, making things worse.So, in order to properly treat the pet stains in your carpet, you can choose a pure form of enzyme, or a true professional pet stain removal carpet cleaner.Pure enzyme is not easy to find. In addition, it will need thorough extraction off the carpet. Therefore, using top grade pet stain removals is advised.For example, you can try our very own Dr. Carpet Pet Stain Removal Formula in order to remove pet stains. Our product will dissolve the stain and the odor causing molecules, therefore making it easier to extract. In addition, our product has lower levels of residue, which also makes it easier to work with.Ultimately in order to reach best and long lasting results with carpet cleaning on your carpet, you will have to call a professional. For more information about our carpet cleaning products and services, please contact Dr. Carpet Irvine.