Thanks to our same day dryer vent  cleaning in Mission Viejo, California.

It is always a big deal when you dryer is not working and showing an error message. Most dryer repair techs would tell you to check if there is hot air coming out of the dryer vent. In most cases you will notice the exhaust is not letting out air. That means the hot air is building up in the dryer vent and immediately signals your dryer to stop working or producing heat. Therefore, an immediate dryer vent cleaning is needed. Now, imagine what happens when you are just moved in to your new home after a couple of weeks of packing and the dryer is not working. For this exactly we offer our same day dryer vent cleaning. This time we were called for immediate dryer vent cleaning in Mission Viejo, California. A move in right in th begining of the new year.This move in included carpet cleaning and dryer vent cleaning altogether. Thankfully we were able to help the customer restore the life back to the carpet and remove all stains. However, much more important in this case was to get the dryer vent unclogged and back in action.

Tough angle for this dryer vent cleaning in Mission Viejo, California.

As we noticed this dryer vent is bending over at the corner we realize we would have to attack it from both sides simultaneously. That means using our high powered blower and suction on one side, and a rotating brush from the other side. This practice allowes us to push our anything that had been stuck in the corner of the dryer vent.This dryer vent cleaning in Mission Viejo, California, took us a couple of hours of removing loads of lint and other parts that we found stuck in the dryer vent. Really no wonder it was stuck and did not let out any air.For more information about our dryer vent cleaning in Mission Viejo, California, please contact Dr. Carpet Irvine.